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Match Low Price

The Match Low Price feature helps you quickly and easily match the current lowest prices on Amazon for the products you offer. "Current lowest price" is based on your Manage Pricing details in Manage Inventory, which allows you to compare offers using the following variables:

  • Listing condition (based on the Condition Guidelines)
    • All listings, regardless of condition.
    • Only listings in the same condition. For example, New or Used.
    • Only listings in the same sub-condition. For example, Used-Like New, or Used-Very Good.
  • Fulfillment method (whether Fulfillment by Amazon or seller-fulfilled)
    • All listings, regardless of fulfillment method.
    • Only listings with the same fulfillment method as your listing.
  • Feedback rating
    • All listings, regardless of seller feedback rating.
    • Only listings from sellers with similar and higher feedback ratings than your feedback ratings.
  • Handling time (time to ship)
    • All listings, regardless of handling time.
    • Only those listings with similar handling times as your handling times.
    • Only those listings with similar and faster handling times as your handling times.

Multiple Listings

These changes apply only to the listings displayed on the same or current page:

  1. Review the checked rows and deselect any that you do not want to match to the current lowest price.

Match Low Price

Match Low Price considers all active listings on Amazon, including products sold by Amazon.

  • Your shipping charge is equal to or greater than the lowest price.
    • For example, you list an item for EGP 1.00 plus EGP 3.00 shipping. Seller B lists the same item for EGP 0.50 plus EGP 2.50 shipping. Your shipping charge alone (EGP 5.00) is equal to Seller B's total cost (EGP 3.00). Therefore, you cannot match the lowest price without first reducing your shipping charges.
  • The listing has an active sale.
    • Match Low Price does not consider offers with active sales events.
    • Either remove the sale or apply Match Low Price after the sale ends.
  • The listing does not have a shipping charge.
    • This may be because your listing is inactive.
    • This is not the same as configuring your pricing settings not display shipping.
  • If you configured your shipping settings based on price bands, shipping charges will not be displayed and Match Low Price will be based on item price.
  • If you configured your preferences not display the shipping charge, Match Low Price will be based on item price.

How Match Low Price works

This example illustrates more about how Match Low Price works.

You have a (Listing ) for a product that is in "Used-Like New" condition. Your Customer Feedback rating is 93% and your handling time is 48 hours. There are three other listings for the same product. Referring to the chart below, the low price would be selected as follows:

Listing Condition Sub-condition Fulfilment Method Feedback Rating Handling Time Item Price + Shipping Total Price
1 New -- FBA 86% 72 hrs. EGP 28,00 + EGP 1.00 EGP 29,00
2 Used Like New Seller 93% 48 hrs. EGP 26,00 + EGP 5,50 EGP 31,50
3 Used Very Good FBA 97% 48 hrs. EGP 24,00 + EGP 5,50 EGP 29,50
4 Used Like New Seller 98% 24 hrs. EGP 25,00 + EGP 5,00 EGP 30,00

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