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Inventory Dashboard for FBA products (This feature may not be available in your region)

This page is a collection of cards that gives you a quick summary of your key inventory metrics and highlights opportunities to improve inventory efficiency and in-stock performance.

Key performance indicator (KPI) cards

KPI cards, which are displayed along the top of the page, show your key metrics at a glance. Click a card to go the corresponding page where you can see more details and take action.

Est. lost sales

Your sales run rate multiplied by the number of days the product was out of stock in the last 30 days. This is an estimate of lost sales across all your products in the last 30 days due to being out of stock. Ensure you have enough inventory on your top-selling products to reduce lost sales.

  • % In-Stock: Percentage of time your products have been in-stock over the last 30 days.

Out of stock SKUs

Number of SKUs that went out of stock in the last 30 days. Restock soon to avoid missing sales.

Excess units

Units of inventory greater than the quantity needed to maintain 90 days of supply (or your max desired days of supply, if specified). Promote or re-price these products to help sell through your excess units.

Days in inventory

Days your inventory is expected to last across all your products.

  • Turns refers to the number of times your inventory will sell through annually based on your current inventory and sales rate.

Feature cards

These full-sized cards in the body of the page highlight areas where you can take to improve inventory performance.


This card provides alerts for inventory-related issues that may be affecting your sales. Click an alert to go to the appropriate page where you can see more details and take action.

Manage Excess Inventory

This card displays your products with the most excess inventory (defined as inventory with greater than 90 days of supply or any threshold you choose). Click the card to go to the Manage Excess Inventory page.

FBA Inventory Age

This card shows a breakdown of how long your inventory has been stored at our fulfillment centers. Click the card to go to the FBA Inventory Age view where you can see more details and take action to reduce aged inventory.

Restock Low Inventory

This card shows your products that may run out of stock in the next 28 days based on recent sales trends. Click the card to view additional information.

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